Carroll Shelby Licensing and Baume & Mercier announce international timepiece agreement


Carroll Shelby Licensing and Baume & Mercier announce international timepiece agreement

Carroll Shelby Licensing and Baume & Mercier announce international timepiece agreement

to create exclusive limited edition watches
La Cote des Montres - April 16th, 2015

Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), and major Swiss luxury watchmaking company Baume & Mercier, part of the Richemont Group, will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the FIA World Championship with a collection of fine timepieces. The two companies today announced an agreement to create exclusive limited edition watches that Baume & Mercier will reveal later this year.

Shelby American’s reputation for performance and precision began in America in 1962 and then moved to the international stage through racing; the company is currently expanding its vehicle and licensing programs globally.

“Carroll Shelby Company and Baume & Mercier share many of the same core values,” said Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licensing and co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International. “Both companies entered the crucible of competition early in their histories, winning prestigious victories. Those achievements were due to a commitment to building innovative products with timeless design and then honing them through relentless testing. Our common pursuit of perfection is reflected in the quality and craftsmanship of everything we create. The combination of these two icons should result in an amazing unveil.”

Alain Zimmermann et Neil Cumming
In 2015, the legendary Shelby American will mark several golden anniversaries. The company unveiled its powerful big block 427 Shelby Cobra, a two seat roadster that some historians call the first “hyper car” on January 25, 1965. Later that year, Shelby American captured the FIA Sports Car World Championship at Rheims, France, a first for an American manufacturer.

To honor this unprecedented milestone, Baume & Mercier will design and launch some Capeland Shelby® Cobra limited edition watches, part of the Capeland collection. These newcomers will capture the spirit and power of Cobra with true grace. They will celebrate Shelby American’s rich history, as well as company founder Carroll Shelby who drove sports cars to victory at Le Mans and other races worldwide.

“We are very proud to partner with Shelby to celebrate this special moment in the legendary automobile manufacturer’s history. Our agreement is nurtured by similar values. The elegance of lines, attention to high-quality and legacy of expertise are some of the common characteristics between our creations, our philosophy and values,” said Alain Zimmermann CEO of Baume & Mercier.


Carroll Shelby Licensing and Baume & Mercier Announce Agreement


Building on its watchmaking heritage and the commitment of visionary founders, the Maison Baume & Mercier is famous for its attention to every detail, which goes beyond the manufacture of watches.

Celebrating in 2015 its 185 years anniversary, the Swiss watchmaker has forged the image of a company whose name evokes absolute elegance, high quality and affordable luxury.
The limited edition Shelby themed timepieces will be unveiled in June 2015. They will be available at select authorized Baume & Mercier retailers stores.


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Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. He was also a pioneer for modern automotive licensing programs; beginning in the 1960s, he began licensing his name and designs for various products.
He founded Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., which is the exclusive holder of trademarks and vehicle design rights for some of the most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles. CSL also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles.


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