Ebel Brasilia with Gisele Bünchen


Ebel Brasilia with Gisèle Bündschen

Brazilian celebration for a new line
La Cote des Montres - June 30th, 2006

Ebel wows Baselworld

Baselworld 2006 was the scene of two exciting Ebel events marking the launch of its brand-new Brasilia line and which created a buzz both within the trade fair itself and around the globe thanks to the press enthusiasm. The success of both owes a great deal to the newfound vigour and dynamism of the brand, and above all to the luminous presence of the stunning new Ebel muse, Brazilian super model Gisele.


Delivering a powerful message


The press conference held at the Ebel booth on Thursday March 30th drew a crowd of journalists who enjoyed a distinct sense of being guests in the “House of Ebel”, a place bearing the unmistakable imprint of the Architects of Time and distinguished by refined elegance, geometrical sophistication and graceful curves.

The keynote speaker was the Ebel President Thomas van der Kallen, who reviewed some of the most striking signs of the reinvigorated and intensely creative Ebel spirit. As an eloquent illustration of this newly energized momentum, he announced the introduction of the brand-new Brasilia line, the Ebel launch of the year and the very first to emerge since it joined the Movado group. He explained how the Brasilia watch captures the very essence of the festive celebratory spirit that inspired its name. Indeed, the new line is recognizable by its distinctive rectangular case shape, smooth, sensual lines, sophisticated timeless design and incomparable bracelet comfort. This vibrantly contemporary new collection marries the brand’s classic curves with ultra-modern, well-balanced and streamlined proportions.

Nonetheless, the highlight of the press conference was the moment when Thomas van der Kallen wished an extremely warm welcome (clearly shared by the audience if one were to judge by the ripple of admiring approval that ran through the ranks!) to super model Gisele. The lively, youthful and dynamic global fashion icon literally lit up the stage. Her unique aura of refined urban elegance is entirely in tune with the spirit of the new Brasilia line. Observers agreed that Gisele is ideally suited to her role of inspiring and representing Ebel around the planet.

Viva Brasilia!


In the evening Ebel’s retailers and press partners (600 guests) were invited to experience, in the delightful company of Gisele, a one-and-only Brazilian-themed night in honor of the Brasilia launch. The evening was unforgettable and guests visibly enjoyed every minute of the party. All the ingredients for a vividly colorful celebration were there, appealing to all five senses and creating a warm and euphoric atmosphere. Glamour, innovation, energy, and some delightfully surprising touches were the keynotes of this event that so eloquently expressed the vibrant world of Brasilia.

Continuing into the early hours of the morning, “Brasilia Night” transported participants in mood and spirit to the other end of the earth, before leaving them with a tangible souvenir in the shape of a lucky Brazilian bracelet that may be worn until their wishes come true – many of which may well include acquiring a Brasilia watch to take its place!

Brazilian celebration for a new line

Its very name conjures up magical images of a vast land stretching over the greater part of a continent and its spectacular colorful celebrations. Renewing ties with the brand’s past, Brasilia is an evocative and predestined name that already fired the imagination of Ebel designers for a watch they once created in the 1960s. Around the world, Brasilia undeniably spells freedom, festivity and passion: exactly the qualities embodied in the design of this high-energy new creation by the Architects of Time.

The new Ebel Brasilia collection is characterized by its rectangular case shape and it interprets all the major brand signature themes such as smooth, sensual lines, sophisticated, timeless design and incomparable bracelet comfort. Contemporary, vibrant and sensual, this new collection marries the brand’s classic curves with ultra-modern lines, in a clever blend that will guarantee the enduring beauty of this timeless creation.

The collection encompasses Lady and Gent’s models, both characterized by their well-balanced, streamlined proportions, H-shaped bracelet and sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Nonetheless, each was specifically and separately designed with its future wearers in mind, meaning neither was derived from the other. These genuinely distinct and independent Gent/Lady interpretations belonging to the same collection represent a noteworthy exception within the watch industry, and a sure sign that Brasilia is about expressing your own identity.

Profoundly feminine


Thanks to their sensual curves, Brasilia ladies’ models are feminine to the core, like the set version, available in steel or in gold. The exquisitely polished rectangular steel case and bracelet make this model shine like a radiant wrist jewel. The ultra-supple bracelet owes its peerless comfort on the wrist to the equal amounts of time and energy devoted to designing both sides. The crown is partially recessed into the case to further enhance this softly rounded visual appeal and silky-smooth touch. As on the case, each detail of the luminous white mother-of-pearl dial has been meticulously conceived and crafted to catch and hold the light playing over its surfaces: from the slightly cambered hand-applied hour-markers to the 10 pure, sparkling diamond hour-markers and the guilloché minute circle. Representing the perfect party companion, Brasilia is unmistakably far more than just a watch; it is a sophisticated piece of jewelry to be worn with style in all circumstances.

These fascinating high-profile watches are exclusively driven by quartz movements to ensure carefree accuracy and reliability. With all this in mind, it is hardly surprising that the qualities of such a sexy, head-turning watch are so perfectly personified by gorgeous Brazilian-born super-model Gisele Bündchen. Youthful, spontaneous and radiating positive energy, natural beauty and joie de vivre, she sums up the multiple facets and qualities of the Brasilia woman Ebel had in mind when designing this collection.

Masculine through and through


Taut, vigorous lines with beautifully beveled edges and a distinctive character are the keynotes of the Brasilia men’s collection, expressing a more geometrical, architectural vision of this ultimate festive theme. The play on perspective and well-defined structures is reflected on the broad dial with its Ebel cartouche, Clous de Paris central motif, and the unique Roman numerals that are delicately applied by hand. By one of those amazing twists of fate that one might easily believe predestined, this perfect vision of geometry bears a striking resemblance to the work of Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect whose achievements include designing... the city of Brasilia!

The purity and visibility of Brasilia Gent watches are undeniably enhanced by the anti-reflective treatment applied to both sides of the sapphire crystal. Powered by either a quartz or mechanical self-winding movement, according to personal preferences, they come in yellow gold or steel with matching bracelets treated to a rugged and eminently masculine brushed finish. And for men who prefer the look and feel of leather, they may also be fitted with a handsome alligator strap. Conveying the epitome of modern chic and refined elegance, the unique appearance and inherent class of these models will draw all eyes to the man who chooses to thus express his personality.

Dreams are made of this


Inviting men and women of the world to share and experience moments of passion and vibrant contemporary living, the Brasilia watch captures the very essence of the festive celebratory spirit that inspired its name.

Technical specifications

Brasilia Collection (22 models)

Gent Collection
Automatic movement
  • Brushed/polished steel case and bracelet, silver or black dial
  • Brushed/polished steel case, brown alligator strap, silver dial
  • Brushed/polished steel case, black alligator strap, black dial
  • Brushed/polished 18K-750 yellow gold case, brown leather strap, silver dial
Quartz movement
  • Brushed/polished steel case and bracelet, silver or black dial
  • Brushed/polished steel case, black alligator strap, silver dial
Lady Collection
(only with quartz movement)
Set case models
(34 brilliant-cut diamonds, 0.544 cts)
  • Polished steel case and bracelet, black, sliver or white mother-of-pearl dial with 10 diamonds
  • Polished 18K-750 yellow gold case and bracelet, white mother-of-pearl dial with 10 diamonds
Non-set case models
  • Polished/brushed steel case and bracelet, white, black, silver or white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 applied polished cambered hour-markers
  • Polished/brushed steel case and bracelet, black, silver or white mother-of-pearl dial with 10 diamonds and 2 applied polished cambered hour-markers
  • Polished 18K-750 yellow case and bracelet, white mother-of-pearl dial with 10 diamonds and 2 applied polished cambered hour-markers