Ebel partner of football club Arsenal


Ebel official partner of the Arsenal football club

Two world stars, Ebel’s ambassadress Gisele and Arsenal’s captain and French national team star Thierry Henry.
La Cote des Montres - June 24th, 2007

Two World Stars: Gisele and Thierry Henry
Ebel started on June 19th a major partnership with prestigious and emblematic football team Arsenal of London. To kick off this association, Ebel organized a very high-profile press conference in Central London with the unique presence of two world stars, Ebel’s ambassadress Gisele and Arsenal’s captain and French national team star Thierry Henry. This event has been a huge success and attracted a large crowd of journalists, photographers, TVs and news agencies. Coverage has been massive already and reached an audience far beyond the UK, including the Emirates, Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland…

Thomas van der Kallen, Gisele and Keith Edelmann(Managing Director of Arsenal)
We at Ebel are proud to associate ourselves with one of England’s most iconic football team and to become their Official Timing Partner. We are convinced that this long term partnership will further strengthen the equity of both names and identities. Arsenal is a universe of hard work, dedication, constant commitment to perfection and precision. It is a universe where reputation is built on solid roots and values. When you think of Arsenal, you think about respect and about an authority which has expanded far beyond the football field. Behind the name Arsenal, you see a team, a group of people driven by excellence and passion. The best symbol of Arsenal excellence is certainly their newest stadium, the Emirates Stadium, a symbol of state-of-the-art architecture.

The universe of Arsenal is exactly the one that we share at Ebel. And whereas Arsenal has been the Architects of Success since 1886, we at Ebel have been and are the Architects of Time since 1911. At Ebel, our success is built upon the perfect fusion of technical excellence and passion for aesthetically daring and timelessly distinctive design. At the very core of our design philosophy lies the commitment to distinctiveness that puts Ebel watches in a league of their own.


Being the Official Timing Partner, Ebel will be providing the timing interface for fans within the stadium and adding new timekeeping sophistication at the Club and on the training ground. At every domestic Arsenal game at the Emirates Stadium, Ebel will time-reference the critical moments with among others 2 giant clocks on both sides of the Stadium’s first Tier. At every change of players, or at the end of every half as play enters extra time, our name will give the precise time on both giant screens of the stadium. Arsenal new high tech advertising panels around the football field will also feature our name at strategic moments of the game and will be visible on TV. One further key element of our association will be the development of a mechanical watch designed specifically for football and inspired by the world of Arsenal. We will be proud to unveil this new timepiece next year. Our name will regularly be featured on Arsenal’s highly visited website.

Gisele and her 1911 BTR Caliber 240 and Thierry Henry and his Ebel Hexagon GMT
Gisele took the opportunity of her presence in London to participate as special guest star to the official opening of the new Mappin & Webb store in London. Mappin & Webb is one of England’s most prestigious retail chains and belongs to the Goldsmith Group, Ebel’s most important customer in the UK. Gisele’s presence will certainly be remembered, with among others her signature on a giant poster inside the shop. Gisele also participated to very important photo shootings for two leading fashion magazines. These shootings, coordinated by Ebel, will feature Gisele wearing all the different models of Ebel’s women’s collection. These magazines and their content will reach a very large audience of potential Ebel customers in the UK.